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 Formula Student is the most important organisation in the world among the universities. In 1981, it was established as the name of ’Formula SAE’ by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in USA.

 It has been becoming larger organisation in varierty of countries since it was established. At the present time, it goes on with the participations of over 600 teams from more than 30 countries.

 The aim of the teams in competition,

    • Design, analyze and assembly an open wheeled and open cockpited race car, create a detailed cost table of the car

    • Build detailed cost and technical design report, make a presentation to the juries these datas and reports during the competition week

    • Create and present a business plan for market sale of a virtual company that they made, also compete with other teams on the competition laps at ring.



Engineering Design Presentation

Cost Analysis

The students must hand in a technical description of their car. It must show both their design and how the design will be applied to their chosen construction.

In the cost analysis event, the teams must grapple with the calculative size of the vehicle, its components, and the necessary manufacturing steps and record all of this in a written cost report.

Business Presentation

Each team presents their business plan for the constructed prototype to a fictitious manufacturing company represented by judges.


The vehicle‘s acceleration from a standing start is measured over a 75 meter straight.


In the autocross event, the cars traverse a kilometer-long track with straights, curves, and chicanes.


The endurance race represents almost a third of all available points and is consequently the most important event of the Formula Student Competition


During the Skid Pad event, the cars must drive a figure-8 circuit lined with traffic cones, performing two laps of each circle.


During the endurance race, fuel consumption(FSC cars) or energy consumption (FSE cars) is precisely recorded.