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Formula Student is a competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Michigan, America. The competition, which has been organized in Europe since 1990, is currently held in 14 different countries (USA, Germany, England, Italy, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, India). The general purpose of the competition is to train engineers who are innovative, experienced and able to act in accordance with teamwork in the automotive industry.


Formula Student consists of 8 stages, 3 of which are static and 5 are dynamic.

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    Engineering Design (150 Points)


    At this stage, the engineering work done by the teams throughout the year is presented to the referees and their questions are answered.

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    Cost and Production (100 Points)


    All parts on the vehicle are listed and presented to the referees, cost reports of several predetermined systems are also included in this presentation.

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    Business Presentation (75 Points)


    In this stage, which is about sales strategies and business presentations, the teams present the marketing studies of the vehicle they have produced to investors.

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    Acceleration (75 Points)


    The vehicle accelerates with maximum acceleration on a 75 meter straight.

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    Autocross (100 Points)


    There is a lap in the endurance stage track. The aim is to finish the tour as soon as possible.

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    Endurance (325 Points)


    The vehicle, driven for a total of 22 km, is used by 2 different pilots. The aim is to prove that the vehicle can finish this stage. Vehicles that complete the stage are listed according to their finishing time.

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    Skid-Pad (75 Points)


    The cornering ability of the vehicles is compared in this stage, which is carried out on a wet or dry track in the form of 8.

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    Fuel Economy (100 Points)


    In this stage, a comparison is made according to the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicles that have completed the endurance stage.

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