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Weight : 242 kg
Torque : 57 Nm

Power : 78 HP
0-100 km/h Acceleration: 3,9 s

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YTR04, the 4th vehicle we have produced, is the first vehicle of our team with an aerodynamic package, and has advanced in many aspects in terms of engineering. Our team succeeded in ranking 9th in the internal combustion engine vehicle class in the Hungary race, and succeeded in finishing the acceleration stage 5th. In the Czech Republic race, we came 11th in the general classification and attracted all the attention because being 4th in the acceleration stage. We managed to rank 20th among 65 internal combustion vehicles in the Germany race we participated in with the YTR04 and achieved a remarkable success by rising 21 steps more than the previous year. Thanks to these achievements, our team climbed 106 places in the world rankings and reached 155th place.

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