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Weight : 207.5 kg
Torque : 61 Nm

Power : 87 HP
0-100 km/h Acceleration: 3,9 s

In the 2019 Season, we successfully completed Formula Student Hungary, Formula Student Italy and Formula Student Germany races with YTR06. In the Formula Student East race, we completed all dynamic stages in Hungary and reached the 15th place in the ranking. Our team, which finished the Endurance stage first among all teams, achieved the 7th place among 41 teams in the overall ranking of the Formula SAE Italy ATA race, reaching 684 points, the highest score a Turkish team got in Formula Student races, and also achieved the 4th place in the autocross stage ! In the Formula Student Germany race, in which Europe's strongest Formula Student teams participated, we reached the success we targeted and finished the season as 18th among 60 teams in the general classification.

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