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YTU Racing, established in 2011 within Yıldız Technical University, is an open-cockpit, open-wheeled, domestic racing car that participates in Formula Student competitions and consists of students. Formula Student races are organized by SAE (Association of Automotive Engineers) in 14 different countries and have many important sponsors. An average of 700 universities, 30000 students and 5000 spectators participate in these competitions every year.

The engineer candidates in our team are trained as engineers who have acquired their engineering skills before they graduate, are experienced and prone to teamwork, will carry our country forward, and have the chance to gain more knowledge and experience about the sector by developing projects with our sponsors.

Our team designs race vehicles from scratch every year and continues to participate in races, our supporters becomes a part of a growing family too. In this adventure, we makes us proud of representing our country abroad by making a more successful racing vehicle every year. In its class, we make Turkey's most successful, most lightweight, fastest vehicles. You can support us and become a part of our family 

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